3 grossly underpaid Baltimore Ravens players in the 2024 season

The Ravens are balling on a budget.
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2. EDGE Kyle Van Noy

The Ravens signed Van Noy with the thought he could be a worthwhile backup that accentuates what Baltimore's already strong pass rush. Over the course of the 2023 season, Van Noy quickly evolved from a veteran gamble to an indispensable part of the squad that earned a robust two-year contract.

Van Noy managed to turn a one-year, $1.4 million deal last year into a slightly more taxing two-year, $9 million contract. With nine sacks last year, Van Noy's conversion to a more traditional edge rusher role could not have gone better. This production for $4.5 million per year would be one of the best values across the league.

Baltimore Ravens pass rusher Kyle Van Noy is underpaid

Van Noy may have only played around 50% of the snaps last season, but he should be in for a fairly sizeable uptick this season after the loss of Jadeveon Clowney in free agency. Baltimore wants two relatively cheap starters in Van Noy and first-round pick Odafe Oweh to pick up the slack.

While Van Noy is not going to become Lawrence Taylor in his advanced age (a theory Baltimore likely subscribes to), the Ravens offset the loss of Clowney by keeping Van Noy happy and ready to chase a ring without having to lop off a finger to pay him.