5 Baltimore Ravens players who won't be back next year

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JK Dobbins, Baltimore Ravens
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1. Will the Baltimore Ravens move on from J.K. Dobbins

The biggest debate out of all of these names will be J.K. Dobbins. The ups of him are high, and he is still at the age when you want to invest. However, he came around slowly as a rookie, was injured in year two, and came around late in year three. Year four is a make-or-break, but what does that mean for the Ravens?

If Dobbins is nearly elite, that just brings the price tag and puts them in a spot where they may have to commit to him long term. Or, they would have to franchise tag him. Of course, if he struggles, it will feel like there is a lot of what could have been from this pick. The biggest question is if he is up and down.

He will want to get paid based on the ups, and the Ravens will not be interested based on the downs. Dobbins will probably just want a one-year deal to continue to prove himself if that happens, but does he wait to see who pays the most for that year on the open market?

The odds of him sticking, unless he has a franchise tag-level year get pretty low when you factor everything in. His best bet is to hit the open market, and the Ravens' best bet is to let him hit the market, then offer him similar to what he got out there.

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Still, the risk of losing him goes up greatly. The injuries are the factor that makes both sides want short-term deals, and it will also have both sides leaning to him testing the market. It is tough to see what scenario makes him signed to the Ravens before free agency stikes next season unless he has that elite-level year.