3 Baltimore Ravens who have to step up for the Keaton Mitchell injury 

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1. The Baltimore Ravens will call up Melvin Gordon from the practice squad

Even in the 50-50 spit that is Gus Edwards and Justice Hill, you saw that it was actually something more like 46-43 in the split. So, there is still a little bit of work for the final 11%. That is where Melvin Gordon will come in handy. Melvin Gordon will not play much, but the Baltimore Ravens will replace Keaton Mitchell's spot on the roster with him as they get ready for the playoff run. 

Gordon does not have the same juice that he used to have, but he does have playoff experience, and he is a veteran runner. Beyond that, he has been practicing with the team and working in the offense all year in the war of attrition; that is a valuable piece to have.

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The issue is that Gordon does not have any of the juice that Keaton Mitchell had. They can get inside hard running, and they avoid the bust of the boom-bust, but they also lose the boom. It will be a big test to see what Melvin Gordon has left in the tank as the Baltimore Ravens head into the final stretch of the season with him getting work.