Breaking down the Baltimore Ravens depth chart so far at cornerback

With all of the injuries to the Baltimore Ravens secondary it is hard to keep things striaght. Lets break it down
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One position that has not been able to stay still is the Baltimore Ravens cornerback position. There have been injuries, position changes, signings and so much going on. So, why not reset and take a look at where the room stands right now?

Baltimore Ravens cornerback depth chart

1. Marlon Humphrey

Marlon Humphrey is injured. He will miss the entire preseason, and his week-one status is in doubt. However, he will not miss enough time for the team to think about placing him on the IR. They are just going to have to eat his roster spot for a week or two and make him one of the seven inactive players.

2. Rock Ya-Sin

Rock Ya-Sin has missed the past two weeks, but he has a chance to get back on the field in the next couple of days. This should open the door for him to play in preseason week three, and then have two weeks to stay healthy for the regular season.

3. Ronald Darby

With Humphrey out, the team signed Darby. Ronald Darby should start next to Rock Ya-Sin for the games that Humphrey is out. The long-term stability of Darby is in doubt with his injury history, but if they only need him for a couple of weeks, it could be the perfect bridge.

4. Brandon Stephens

Brandon Stephens started in the preseason last week and played a ton. He was up and down but mostly came away with positive thoughts. The depth at cornerback is so thin that you would expect him to stick around and not move back to safety.

5. Jalyn Armour-Davis

Jalyn Armour-Davis returned to practice and just in the knick of time. If he missed any more time, his roster status would be in serious jeopardy. He is still at the fifth spot, but he should get a chance to start this weekend, and if not, at least play significant snaps. If he does not play well this weekend, he is in trouble.

6. Kevon Seymour

Kevon Seymour started and played 63 snaps in the preseason opener. That may have spoken more to the injuries ahead of him than his play, but when you look at the roster, he will probably play a ton again. Humphrey, Ya-Sin, and Darby will not play on Monday, and Armour-Davis is working to get on the field. He could start or get work with the backups soon.

7. Kyu Blu Kelly

The rookie fifth-round pick has not been in the mix. Despite all of the injuries at cornerback, he only played 17 snaps in his NFL debut. The hope is that he can show more.

8. Corey Mayfield Jr.

The rookie UDFA played 11 snaps in his NFL debut. It will be interesting to see how much work he gets with Armour-Davis back in the mix, and Kelly needing more snaps.

9. Tae Hayes

The lack of depth had the Ravens call Hayes, who has bounced around the NFL since 2019.


1. Ar'Darius Washington

Ar'Darius Washington is winning the slot job by default. No one else on the list has been able to practice consistently. However, it has to be noted that Washington played well in the preseason opener.

2. Arthur Maulet

Arthur Maulet appears to have the lesser severe injury between Pepe Williams and himself. Still, he has to get back soon because he probably will not play in preseason week two, so his roster spot is not a guarantee.

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3. Pepe Williams

We will list Williams, but his injury sounds serious, and he might be a candidate for the IR.

4. Jordan Swann

Swann played 26 snaps as the Baltimore Ravens backup slot cornerback on Saturday. The issue is he is now banged up and missing practice. Someone like Hayes or Seymour may have to slide into the nickel role, or Washington will play the whole game.