3 changes Baltimore Ravens might make against San Francisco 49ers 

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As the Baltimore Ravens get ready for the final stretch of the regular season and the playoffs, there will be plenty of small tweaks and changes along the way. With a huge game on Christmas night against the first-place San Francisco 49ers, what are three changes that could be made before that game?

3. Will the Baltimore Ravens activate Pepe Williams this week?

Last week, the Baltimore Ravens activated Pepe Williams to the 53-man roster. However, he was not active on game day. This week, they may be moving him into the lineup. Arthur Maulet has played the slot in a backup role, which has allowed the Ravens to get very versatile with Kyle Hamilton. However, he has started to hit a wall with his play, and he has become an issue in coverage. 

That was not exposed against Jacksonville, but it could be a bigger problem against the 49ers with all of their weapons. This could be a good time to activate Williams, who would be the best man cover-corner of all of their slot options. He would not have to play a major role, but on obvious passing downs, the Ravens could try to play Williams in the slot and even play Hamilton back in his dime role, taking Patrick Queen off of the field. Or, Geno Stone could leave the field for Hamilton, who is better at strong safety than Stone.

The addition of Williams, but also having Maulet, who is the better run-defending slot, could give the team a few extra look that they have not had. This may be the best time to make it happen, so it will be interesting to see what the Ravens do.