10 major questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens week 3 win over Cleveland Browns

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Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens, Zay Flowers
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8. Wil the Baltimore Ravens open things up down the field?

One area in which the Baltimore Ravens need to expand the offense is the downfield passing game. Lamar Jackson has only thrown 8% of his passes 20 yards down the field or further. In the past three seasons, that average was 14%, and in 2019, it was 15%.

So, in a year where Todd Monken was supposed to expand the offense and make things a deep passing attack, the offense has actually condensed (while still performing brilliantly). You can blame the personnel in some ways, mainly because Odell Beckham and Rashod Bateman are hurt.

Still, Lamar Jackson has had worse playmakers and still attempted the ball deep. Nelson Agholor and Devin Duvernay were used almost exclusively near the line of scrimmage in this game. So, Zay Flowers caught the only deep pass against the Browns.

Flowers has shown that he can attack in all areas, but it is clear that the Ravens like to get the ball in his hands near the line, and he is more hit-or-miss when he has to expand his routes further from the line. This is why the addition of Beckham had been so nice for Flowers.

So, can Lamar Jackson start to trust someone like Agholor deep or can Odell Beckham return soon because if neither happens then defenses will soon catch onto this and creep in.