Mark Andrews in trouble after injuring Commanders player with a bodyslam?

- What went down during the Ravens vs. Commanders practice altercation?

- Is Mark Andrews facing repercussions after pulling off WWE move on an opponent?
- NFL practice fight raises questions about player safety and consequences.

Los Angeles Chargers v Baltimore Ravens
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When it comes to generating content and storylines, the NFL has always stayed and still remains undefeated. Someone that might keep that status for much more time is Mark Andrews, tight end of the Baltimore Ravens and amateur body-slammer.

If you recall what went down on Tuesday at the Ravens' training facilities in Owings Mills when they hosted the Washington Commanders for the first of two joint practices, then you already know the background.

If you don't, here's a quick summary: there was a fight, there were punches, and then there was a body slam pulled off by Andrews on Commanders' defender Danny Johnson.

While nothing seemed to have happened to Johnson, that was not the case. As reported by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk on Thursday, Johnson "injured a rotator cuff," according to a league source. Uh, oh.

Of course, as Florio pointed out in the first line of his short story, the NFL "doesn't care about fights during joint practices." The catch came a few words later: "Until someone is seriously injured."

It's hard to see the NFL doing anything remarkable to Andrews in terms of suspensions or warnings. Perhaps a little financial fine does, perhaps there is no action coming Andrews' way at all, and everybody moves on to the next thing.

With all due respect, Danny Johnson is a professional football player but not your definition of a superstar. That said, something should change here, whether we (Ravens fans in this particular case) like it or not.

The NFL should put an end to this type of fight emerging in the middle of the summer, on the hot days of training camp, with nothing on the line more than doing a bunch of cardio in front of a handful of kids watching from the sidelines.

What if instead of Danny Johnson the injured player had been former no. 1 draft pick Chase Young? What if Mark Andrews had been on the other end? Questions, questions, questions... but no answers.

Andrews can rest easy as the NFL will indeed not move a finger to deal with this. However, something must (but sadly, won't) change.

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