Why Patrick Ricard experiment on offensive line can work for Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens may get some usage out of Patrick Ricard because he is becoming a hybrid player in their offense

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Patrick Ricard just returned to the practice field from the PUP, but he did not line up in the position that fans have come to know him by. Instead, he did a lot of work as an offensive line during his first practice. You have to remember that the Baltimore Ravens have a new offensive coordinator, Todd Monken, which means the team may change how they play offense.

Baltimore Ravens are playing Patrick Ricard on the offensive line

When you view the history of Monken calling plays, he never used a fullback in his offense. So, there was a clear sign that Ricard was probably going to play a lot fewer snaps this season than in years past. The Ravens signed Ricard to a generous extension when his role was vital to the offense, but now it feels like this year will be his last with the team if he even makes it that long.

That is why Ricard is working in a new position. The Ravens could save about $2M this year by letting him go. It is not a lot, but this is a team up against the cap after the Lamar Jackson contract. So, trimming the fat and saving a bit here and there goes a long way.

When the team can save money by letting you go, and your role is not as valued with the new coach in town, it may be time to expand your wings. The key with Ricard is that while he may be lining up on the offensive line if he makes the roster, he has to bridge the gap between an extra offensive lineman and a tight end.

When you look at the Baltimore Ravens tight end depth chart, Mark Andrews, Isaiah Likely, and Charlie Kolar are all pass-catchers. It is a tough debate about who is the best or worst blocker of the group because none of them are known for it.

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So, as a 10th offensive lineman, fourth tight end, and fifth running back, he may have a better chance at making the roster than just being the one fullback that he was. Ricard does not have to dominate in this role but show them enough that they do not need another blocking tight end or that they do not need a blocking running back.