3 prospects Baltimore Ravens should avoid in round 1

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The Baltimore Ravens could go a number of ways in the first round of the 2023 NFL draft. They could take a name that is commonly mocked, they could take a name that may be surprising but could workout, then they could take the questionable players who may have the fans wondering what is going on.

Who are the players that the Baltimore Ravens should try to avoid at all costs in the first round?

3. Baltimore Ravens should not draft Hendon Hooker

There is a lot of talk, and maybe too much talk about the possibility of the Baltimore Ravens drafting Hendon Hooker. The reality is that the move does not make sense. You have probably heard about the idea being that you reset the timeline on the Lamar Jackson contract.

However, in Hendon Hooker, you are drafting a player that is just one year younger than Lamar Jackson. If you get a younger and cheaper player it is one thing, but now there is still a question about his age. You have to wonder if he did not have any success until he was mentally more mature than his competition, and once the competition is his age or older, he will never have that upper hand.

Beyond that, he is going to miss most of, if not all of this season. If the Baltimore Ravens move on from Lamar Jackson they need someone who can come in right away. If Hooker sits due to his injury for a whole year, and this roster is starting Tyler Huntley, they will be in a range to pick a quarterback next year. Or, they wasted one year of the cheap contract, and now are starting a 26-year old who is in a new offense and missed an entire year.

A team that has a bridge and could turn to Hooker, like the Vikings with Kirk Cousins, or the Lions with Jared Goff makes sense. If the Ravens draft a quarterback to replace Lamar Jackson, they cannot draft Hendon Hooker, who would not be able to start. The fit and overall idea makes no sense.