Ravens News: Odell Beckham Jr. assault investigation seems like a money grab

Odell Beckham Jr., Ravens
Odell Beckham Jr., Ravens / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Baltimore Ravens finally made a splash move that could end up helping the organization retain quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Veteran free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. agreed to a 1-year deal with Baltimore, which of course could be a sign that he knows his friend, Jackson, will be under center for the Ravens in 2023.

Not even a month into being a Raven, though, Beckham has found his name in headlines related to some serious accusations.

According to TMZ, who first reported the story, Beckham has been named in an assault investigation.

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. denies any involvement in a new assault allegation

This investigation claims that Beckham was with another woman at a Los Angeles hotspot, Delilah, where the woman says the wide receiver placed his hands around her neck and choked her. Although it says, specifically, that Beckham put "light pressure" on the woman's neck, this is a very serious allegation.

According to the investigation, the incident was said to have happened several weeks ago. However, Beckham, nor his agent, had been contacted about the situation. Therefore, signing with the Ravens wasn't an issue. There was no word on any potential legal trouble involving Beckham.

Fortunately for Beckham and his future in Baltimore, TMZ reached out to John Terzian, the owner of Delilah, for comment. Terzian's words seem to put any worry to rest.

“We were contacted about an investigation and reviewed the videos, the claim is false," Terzian told TMZ. "There is no evidence of this person even being in the area where she claims the incident occurred.”

The other interesting aspect of this case is the fact that Beckham and the woman were said to have remained at the venue for the rest of the night without any further issues. If Beckham truly did assault this woman, there is no way the two of them would have stuck around the venue as if nothing had happened.

For now, it looks like Beckham is simply subject of a false claim by someone wanting to tarnish his name and go after financial gain. For the owner of this venue to go back, review security footage and put his name on a claim that there was zero evidence of this woman being around when the so-called incident occurred, should be plenty to calm any worry.

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