3 reasons Jacksonville Jaguars could upset the Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars
Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars / Courtney Culbreath/GettyImages
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The Baltimore Ravens won their last two games, but they had scares in each of them. Now, they get the Jacksonville Jaguars, who come into the game in must-win circumstances. The Ravens are favored, but only by about a field goal. There are legitimate reasons to believe the Ravens could get upset by the Jaguars. 

3. The Jacksonville Jaguars will be much healthier against the Baltimore Ravens

The Jaguars lost two straight games, but health had a lot to do with this. The attention will be on Trevor Lawrence and Christian Kirk. Lawrence is playing with an ankle injury, while Kirk is out for the next couple of weeks. 

However, the Jaguars have some other injury statuses that are changing for the good. They are going to get healthier on the offensive line and in the secondary. On the line, it looks like both Walker Little and Ezra Cleveland will be back and fully healthy. 

That would put Little in at left tackle over Blake Hance and Cleveland in at left guard over Tyler Shatley. Just like that, one side of their offensive line completely improved. 

Meanwhile, the secondary is expected to see Tyson Campbell, Andre Cisco, and Tre Herndon back. Herndon went out with a concussion and left very early into the loss to the Bengals; then he missed the game against Cleveland. Campbell missed the game with the Browns after playing weakened against the Bengals. Cisco missed time in-game against the Browns but does not appear to be on pace to miss this game.

The Jaguars, who lost the last two weeks, had a much worse line and secondary. Those are huge steps forward on both sides of the football. This could cause the Ravens some trouble.