3 underrated Baltimore Ravens who stepped up against Arizona Cardinals

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The Baltimore Ravens beat the Arizona Cardinals 31-24. The team was expected to win and take care of business, so the result was not a surprise. It was considered a letdown spot by some, but for some players on the Ravens, it was a chance to step up and have a good game against a weaker opponent.

3. The Baltimore Ravens saw the best of Michael Pierce on Sunday

Michael Pierce has been great this season. Pierce sat out in 2020, and in 2021 and 2022, he had some injuries that ended his season early. It brought a question of whether he could put together this type of season. However, he looks like he did back in 2019 when he was one of the best run-defenders in the NFL.

Pierce has been playing well, and he was in a good spot this weekend. The Cardinals had been shuffling at left guard, and their center and right guard have bounced around the NFL, with neither being a long-term piece. If the Ravens were going to win this game, they would win it in the trenches.

Pierce made sure that happened. Early in the game, Pierce batted a ball down. Then, he had a huge stuff on fourth down to turn the Cardinals over on downs. Piece had a couple of other key tackles and added a sack as well. Michael Pierce and Justin Madubuike are playing the best football of their careers together and the Ravens defense is benefitting for it. These two are not getting enough publicity, especially Pierce because he does not have the sacks that Madubuike has. The type of game that Pierce had on Sunday is worth talking about.